Sameh is a Singer/Songwriter, Composer, Multi-Instrumentalist, and Producer based primarily in Los Angeles, California.


He cites a memory with his father playing the “Pink Panther” theme on a dusty out-of-tune piano as the first moment he realized music was important to him. That was at the nubile age of 8. Since then, Sameh had fallen in love with melody and lyric writing and had developed an affinity for dissecting every song he’d ever heard into its most rudimentary elements.


Until the age of 17, Sameh had worked on harnessing his songwriting, composing, and producing skills when he finally  bought his first instrument: a used, beaten-down guitar from a close friend of his. From that point on, it was cemented in his mind that music would be his sole purpose.

Flash forward a few years, and Sameh is in Los Angeles making a name for himself as a professional musician, garnering attention from diverse audience demographics thanks to his social media savvy and original music that resonates with large groups of his generation.
Sameh’s soundscape tastefully blends elements of Jazz, Funk, R&B, and HipHop coupled with his unique approach at tackling universal themes and emotions in an upbeat and instantly accessible fashion. He’s a self-proclaimed ‘80s revivalist and his proclivity to power through an entire song with his luminous falsetto bolsters his claim.

The Man Behind the Music

The Artist Formerly Known as NOVA

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